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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Best and Trusted Revienue Share Site To Make some real money with My Paying Ads

Here I would like to share my experience with my paying ads.

For those who don't like to read: Please Just see the Cliff Notes below:

What I like my paying ads:

- Realistic revshare model

- Other streams of revenue to support the revshare

- Very open communication from the owner and his admins

- Very nice Facebook community

- Fast payments

- Listen to members feedback and work with it

- Quality traffic

Before we start a Review of MypayingAds. Now talk about How does it work?


I will then send you Instructions with my welcome email.

Step 1: Fund your MPA account. Once you have registered at MPA you can fund your account via Paypal, Payza, STP or Perfect Money. (Minimum funding is $5)

Step 2: Purchase Adpacks (e.g. 20 adpacks @ $5 each)

Step 3: View or surf 10 ads, now your adpacks or shares start earning.
View ads every 24 hrs.

Step 4: Earnings. Every 30 min your earnings are posted to your account/ back office. Earnings are distributed into cash balance and repurchase balance. That means that part of your earnings can be withdrawn, he other part has to be used to “repurchase” new adpacks.

Step 5: Repurchase. Use your earnings to buy new adpacks (as soon as you have earned $5.05, you can buy a new adpack)  You can use the repurchase balance only or both.

e.g. Lets say you have $2.5 in your cash balance and $2.5 in your repurchase balance, you can purchase a new adpack.

We all know very well that, a lot of revshares crash or are downright scams. But this one really is different. I've been in it since before the whole fiasco that hit all revshares, and the way they handled that and any other hickups and bumbs was downright refreshing compared to the others like Thriple Threat and the now closed Traffic Monsoon. No bs lies, but always the honest truth to members. And most of all, working with the members to improve the system and listening to them.

The result is that the members really are a community now (mostly on facebook) and work for an with each other. It also helps the owner is a mechanical engineer (has a uni degree) and set up the system to have realistic goals so it can last for years or even decades. There are genuine income sources besides the revshare part (and new to come in the future) and the profit margin is slower compared to most revshares, but realistic. And you still can grow pretty fast with a 100% repurchase policy.

The traffic by itself is very decent as well. For me, along with leadsleap, it's the program that gives me the most actual conversions. Remember that most members there do have some cash to spend, and more of them will be in that situation as the program keeps growing. As they do have a withdrawal cap of 200 usd / day, the high end members will definately start to look for other opportunities. It's the program that yielded me the most leadsleap pro signups to give you just one example.

As for withdrawals, you'll always get them pretty fast. Mine usually take 1-2 hours.

They do charge a membership fee, but not if you only get level 1 adpacks (5 dollar / piece, with a maximum of 100 packs). At level 2 it's 10 usd / month, but by then you can easily afford it. For level 3 and 4 it's more, but then again by then you make enough to cover that easily.

The one thing they have in common with most other revshares that I don't like is that they separate processors. This is a problem if you get the occasional referral or if you want to switch processors, although there are ways to work with management to fix it when it's really needed.

You can join the ptc part for free, but you certainly won't get rich that way. There are a LOT of ads to click though.

Still, I make a lot of money there. And the way it's set up I think they should last for years, unlike most revshares. Am I sure they will last? No, it's still a revshare. But if one will stand the test of time I think this one is best in the current time.

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