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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Best way to get some active referrals fast for free

 Ways to get referrals fast for free or using paid way in any online work companies as well as detail guide and instruction to work in PTC websites and also find out how to advertise your website/affiliate link online in any PTC websites or using Google search pages or CPC or Social Media sites.


There are two ways of getting direct referrals/affiliates in any online work companies you work which includes PTC sites as well. One way is by investing for one time and getting referrals for free continuously for lifetime and another way is by paying on different platform for advertisements or using some free platforms. 

★ One time investment to get direct referrals in several companies continuously(Best method) :

In order to follow this method, you need to take complete Internet Marketing Training for which you have to invest for one time. Then after applying method that you learn from that training and making website within same company as per the guidance provided by that company, you can get referrals continuously for lifetime, and not even just in one company, but with same investment, you can get referrals in every online work companies you want.

★ Paying for advertisements or using some free platforms:
There are various platform for advertising to get direct referrals which is as explained below:

a. PTC sites and Traffic Exchange sites (Free and Paid Way)
b. CPC sites (Paid Way)
c. Social Media sites (Free and Paid Way)

Wait, before you begin to read further, we want to make you sure what we have described in method No.1 as above is the best path to succeed from online work companies by making good amount of referrals.
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a. PTC (Paid to click) sites and Traffic Exchange sites (Free and Paid Way)

Traffic Exchange sites:- If you are looking completely free platform to get referrals in any online work companies then Traffic Exchange is one of them. But don't expect to get good results, after all it is free way, so it takes lots of time and effort to get referrals and still you can't get the huge amount of referrals which you can get using paid ways. One of the good Traffic Exchange site is Easyhits4u, the detail about which you can find by there site.

PTC sites:- Many people think that PTC sites (Pay to Click Service) are not worth to work. This is because people spend money in PTC sites to buy upgrades and rented referrals and doesn't get good rate of return or even lose money sometime. But instead of investing money in upgrades and rented referrals, if you use same amount of money to advertise your referral link to get direct referrals, then you can earn decent amount of money with a less time and effort.

If you want to work in PTC sites, then we suggest you to advertise your affiliate link to get direct referrals, never focus on rented referrals. We know that many people will think where and how to advertise to get direct referrals.

No need to worry, it is very simple.

Just join at least 5 PTCs, view ads in each of them, which will require around only 30 minutes per day. Invest your money to advertise one PTC sites in another. You will start to earn decent amount when you have 100 active referrals. We don't mean all referrals that you will get from the advertisement will be active, so wait till you have 100 active referrals. Some people will just join in curiosity but later leave the work. So, you must make 100 active referrals which will work everyday on regular basis so that you can earn decent amount of money within each PTC websites.

When you advertise to get referrals in any PTC sites, then you must know which PTC site you should advertise in particular PTC sties. For example, if you want to advertise Neobux, then only advertise it in Clixsense because Neobux already has tons of members, so you will not get direct referrals if you advertise it in other PTC sites. So, the best place to advertise Neobux is in Clixsense and Clixsense is in Neobux. Regarding other all PTCs, you can advertise them in each other where ever you will get affordable price. However, you will get best results if you advertise any PTC sites as well as any online work companies either in sticky ads section of Clixsense or in fixed exposure section of Neobux. If you want to get referrals in any kind of online work companies through PTC sites, then sticky ad section of Clixsense and fixed exposure section of Neobux is only the best choice.

But one more thing you must need to know is that when you advertise, don't advertise on per credits basis in any PTC sites. Invest your money for at least on one day fixed ads and then only you will get the good results.

Aforementioned, not only to get direct referrals in PTC sites, but also to get referrals/affiliates in other online businesses, PTC websites can give some good results because in PTC those people view your ads who want to earn money online. PTC can give you good number of traffic in cheap rate. So, we recommend you all to work at least in 5 PTCs from our recommended list to build your online business.

Another good thing about the PTC is that you will get knowledge about what kind of online works have been launched recently because most of the online work companies put their advertisement in PTC websites in the beginning.

Aforementioned, for getting affiliate, still method number 1 is much more better than any other method, so we suggest you to go for it if you really want to established your full time online career.

b. CPC sites (Paid Way)

CPC means cost per click. The best platform to use this advertisement services are Bing Ads and Google Adwords. However, you will get benefit of this advertisements to get affiliates only in the product related companies. It is not beneficial to get referrals in PTC sites or in revenue sharing or HYIP sites. For those, PTC sites are more good platform to advertise. However, if your company is related with product sales such as website hosting, training, etc., then CPC advertisement will give you great results. However, comparing CPC with SEO optimization, means strategy to get traffic directly from search pages like Google free of cost, SEO optimization always win. That is why we always suggest you to go for number 1 method as we have described as above.
c. Social Media sites (Free and Paid Way)

It means the sites like Facebook. You can use both free and paid ways to promote your affiliate links/referral links within Social Media Sites.

Free Way:- Many of you already know that you can post your affiliate links/referral links within your Facebook status. So, if you can add as many friends as possible who have interest in online work and then keep on posting your website link or affiliate link or referral link, then sure you will get some amount of referrals, but don't expect lot form here.  Now here comes two questions:-

i. Facebook limit to add number of people, how can we do it?

Yep, it does if your account is not verified. If you put your real name, real picture, real birth of date and keep on adding friends, then after some days your account will be block by Facebook and ask you to verify it. At that time if you can provide your documents like Passport, Citizenship etc. which have same information that you have provided within Facebook with your matching picture, then they will verify your account and you will get access to add as many friends as you like. But, that doesn't mean you start to spam. We always suggest you to add only around 25 people per day, not more than that. However, after you reach 5000 people, you can't add anymore, but other can follow you. Don't worry, once you reach 5000 people, you will be renowned and you will sure get lots of people who willingly follow you. You can also create fan page after you reach more than 1000 friends and invite them to like that page. However, don't be hurry, start by adding 25 people per day and wait till they accept your friend request. If they don't accept your friend request within 2 days, cancel request and then only start to add more new friends. Do, it slowly. If you want other accept your friend request, then be real, show who you are, your real picture, your real family and friends pictures etc. Always remember, people don't like to be friend with ghost, they like to be friend with real people. So, be real. In same manner you can use Google Plus, Twitter etc. and increase your friends and follower list more easily as these platform are not so restricted like Facebook in case of adding friends.

ii.How do we find out people with same interest and add them as friend?

Well it is very simple. In search bar of social media site like Facebook, Twitter etc., type the common interest with # (hashtags) in the front. For example, if you want to add friend who are interest in doing online work, then you can type in search bar like this:- #online work or #online business or #make money online etc. Then, in those search results you will find those people who are doing online work or want to do it or have interest on it. It is as simple as that.

Paid Way:- Yep you can advertise in social media sites like Facebook and can get very good amount of referrals. For this you need to make fan page which you can create through Facebook free of cost. But, at starting you need to spend a lot in order to try which advertisements will work for you like you need to try by posting several pictures, targeting people from different countries, targeting different interests of people etc. as well as using different advertisement services like post boosting, website clicks, page likes etc. Once you find out the best result, you can get good number of referrals and affiliates in your desire online work companies, but at starting you need to spend a lot for trials. So, once again the method No.1 wins.

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